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At Magick Wick, We believe in the use of plants for ancient herbal remedies. We also believe in the power of crystal healing for improving health and wellbeing for the mind, body, and soul. ​​​​​​​In order to identify and share what you can do to facilitate growth, healing, and positive change in your life simply by setting an intention and being mindful of your personal journey (and tuning out the noise of any haters or anyone (family included!) telling you what you to want or feel isn't realistic.). We want to help you reach enlightenment and support you along your journey. We believe that with the power of crystals and positive manifestation, anything can happen! 

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☾ 晶体

☾ 药水 

☾ 草药

☾ 小批量

☾ 100%手工制作的大豆蜡烛

☾ 纯素食,生态和道德⠀
☾  美国为基础​


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